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Guttering problems in RICS building survey in Watford

Finlock guttering photo 2

Leaking concrete gutter?  Douglas Snell explores the problems with "Finlock" concrete guttering:

Most of us are familiar with the plastic or older iron guttering that edges our roofs to catch the rain and safely divert it into a drain or soak-away.  But unless you have owned a house built between the 1950’s and 1970’s, you may not have come across “Finlock” guttering.... Read More

The Meat of the Matter

A Meaty Week of Surveying in North West London

Although residential surveying is what we are best known for, Chartered Surveyor Doug Snell started off last week with a schedule of dilapidation for the owner of a butcher’s shop in North West London, later described as “in offal condition” (ouch!).  

Doug then went on to inspect a 1930’s first floor flat conversion just down the road for a buyer, finding only “the usual” maintenance items, but pointing out the loft should not be used as a habitable room.

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A typical week in April for Woodward Chartered Surveyors

Diary of Surveyor

A week in the life of a firm of Property Surveyors

What is a week like for the region’s leading firm of residential Chartered Surveyors?

Well, last week was busy as usual for the team at Woodward Chartered Surveyors.

Stephen Cornish FRICS was inspecting flats for Lease Extensions in Stanmore, Harrow Weald, Northwood, had two Party Wall inspections in Northwood and one in ... more .....

No substitute for EXPERIENCE

RICS Chartered Surveyor logo

The ultra experienced Chartered Surveyor Mike Weaver FRICS has joined the growing team of top Building Surveyors at Woodward Chartered Surveyors in Harrow.  more ...

Underpinning and Building Insurance

Underpinning a dangerous structure

About Underpinning and Building Insurance - A Note of Caution

When housing subsides, the subsidence needs to be stopped before the property is damaged further. In the past, it was standard practice for underpinning to be carried out. That is the support of the building’s foundations by introducing strengthened foundation base to carry the loads of the existing building. Nowadays, underpinning is specified by building insurers only in the most serious of cases.  more ....