London to Brighton cycle 2016 Stephen Woodward

Oh no; he's at it again!

Stephen is cycling London to Brighton for Children with Cancer UK in September. Don't worry, its only 54 miles! Please Click for full details of why and link to his sponsorship page if you can share a couple of pounds and show your support. Read More >>


My wonderful friends, colleagues and family gave so much of themselves to raise money for Children with Cancer UK with me in 2015. Sadly I was unwell and unable to join them on the London to Brighton cycle. So this year I am setting the record straight and going for it again. It's only 54 miles!

Children with Cancer UK is a fabulous charity that my firm has sponsored for over 20 years. They help cancer research and most importantly for me, support families struggling with the day to day battle this disease has brought upon innocent young lives. As a father of two wonderful healthy children, it breaks my heart that everyone is not as fortunate.

If you can give just a few pounds to help me on my way, It will be greatly appreciated. Just click on this paragraph. I will think of you every bottom numbing mile!

Children with Cancer UK will receive your money quickly and easily and if you are a UK taxpayer an extra 25% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.
Many thanks for your support,


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