Mould Under Your House? Chartered Surveyor Doug Snell MRICS Investigates

On a recent visit to discover why someone's timber floor was beginning to "dip" Chartered Surveyor Douglas Snell found a chain of unhappy events everyone should be wary of.  Read More >> 


When adding an extension across the back of a house the builder forgot to make provision for air bricks, which allow air flow under the suspended timber floor of both the new extension and the original building, only about 10 years old itself.

Where's the harm you might think?  It will keep the underside of my house cosy warm.  Unfortunately, it will also keep the underside of your house moist.  And moist air allows mould and fungus to breed unchecked.  What looks like white soap suds in the picture is actually the mycelium of a fungi that grows rapidly and rots the timbers.  The brown growth on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet leg is the dreaded dry rot sporophore.

This simple mistake has led in this case to the stripping out and replacement of all affected timbers and treatment of non affected, just in case.  A substantial project indeed.  So be aware, sub floor ventilation is vital.

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