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Building Surveys consider gas flues

Gas Flues in voids

More Home Buyer advice from Woodward Chartered Surveyors

When completing a Building Survey (particularly a Flat Purchase Survey) for our customers, one of the many things our Chartered Surveyors look out for is where the gas flue (the pipe that carries exhaust gases from a gas boiler) is situated.

Singing praise from the (fibreglass) roof-tops.

Fibreglass flat roof by Topseal

Singing praise from the (fibreglass) roof-tops.

Woodward Chartered Surveyors recently hosted a meeting at Harrow on the Hill Head Office with Martin Shave of Topseal, specialists in GRP or fibreglass flat (or pitched) roofs.

Energy Performance Certificates withdrawn for listed homes

Sample EPC Graph

Government legislation is often daft, none more so than the requirement to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on listed, Period homes that are prevented by planning laws from doing anything about it.

A Mortgage Valuation is NOT a Survey

A quarter of all homebuyers who only had a MORTGAGE VALUATION report had to make unplanned building works to their property after purchase. On average, the bill for these works, such as damp proofing or repairing a roof, came to £1,818 - but the cost can be much higher.

Homebuyers in England and Wales are facing bills for thousands of pounds by failing to have a sufficient survey of their property before purchase, according to new research* from RICS.

Japanese Knotweed is not wanted! alive or dead

Preventing the spread of Japanese Knotweed is a legal obligation for landowners under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  

The plant (Fallopia Japonica) is an alien species introduced to England around 1825 as an ornamental plant and cattle fodder.  It is difficult and expensive to manage, but non-intervention is not really an option.

arly treatment of a new colony is quicker, cheaper and preferable to leaving it to become established and it can lie dormant underground for 20 years before re-growing.