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Property Detective special offer

Property Detective offer

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see this is a great offer!

Bank Valuation is Not a Building Survey - News Update

Building Survey Crack in wall

Your Mortgage Valuation is Not a Survey

In a recent case Hubbard v Bank of Scotland (trading as Colleys Surveyors) [2014] the Court of Appeal upheld the decision that a building society or bank valuation is a very limited inspection.

During a valuation for the Bank Of Scotland, Colleys’ surveyor

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Cracks in walls above windows and lintels

Cracking wall above window

Replacement windows can lead to failings in the wall above (see photo), if they are not properly specified.  But let’s not rush to judge poor double glazing installers too quickly.  In this case, a wooden casement window was replaced by a PVCu double glazed window.  Read on .....

Condensation: the silent house destroyer

Mould in loft space

Rotten floors, roof joists, window frames and even asthma are some of the extreme results of the silent house destroyer; condensation.

A Mortgage Valuation is NOT a Survey

A quarter of all homebuyers who only had a MORTGAGE VALUATION report had to make unplanned building works to their property after purchase. On average, the bill for these works, such as damp proofing or repairing a roof, came to £1,818 - but the cost can be much higher.

Homebuyers in England and Wales are facing bills for thousands of pounds by failing to have a sufficient survey of their property before purchase, according to new research* from RICS.