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Lewis Emms Runs 5 k Every Day for a Month

Lewis Emms running for charity photo 2

Congratulations to our hero Lewis who did two silly things recently; for charity. Read More >>

Cracks in walls above windows and lintels

Cracking wall above window

Replacement windows can lead to failings in the wall above (see photo), if they are not properly specified.  But let’s not rush to judge poor double glazing installers too quickly.  In this case, a wooden casement window was replaced by a PVCu double glazed window.  Read on .....

Surveys for defects in timber frame homes

Brick and Tile clad timber frame house Woodward Chartered Surveyors

Surveying timber frame houses for defects

Can you tell whether you are buying a timber frame or brick house?

Many modern timber frame houses have brick outer skins that make it very difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference. This skin is not load bearing, but is the protective jacket for the inner timber frame.  Other finishes on older timber frame homes, such as panels of wattle and daub, clap board or tile hanging tend to show all or part of the timber frame. ... more ...

Timber Rot in Building Surveys and Structural Surveys

Dry Rot Roof Timber

When a Chartered Surveyor (member of the RICS) inspects a property for a home buyer, maybe a Building Survey (sometimes referred to as a Full Structural Survey) or a House Purchase Survey, one of the many possible defects the surveyor is on the hunt for is any signs of rot in timbers, for instance those that hold up the floors, staircases or roof.
Rot causes wood timbers to lose their structural integrity, that is their ability to carry the load placed upon them, when supporting the floor or roof.

Feedback for House Purchase Surveys helps build a better survey report

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Woodward Chartered Surveyors invite all their customers who book and pay for their survey on line (we are one of the few surveyors to take credit card payments) to provide feedback on all aspects of their exerience.