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  • I am buying a house, what type of survey do I need?

  • Is it possible for me to be present during the survey?

  • Would it be possible to discuss the survey one to one with the survey so I can get a better understanding of the report?

    Our surveyors are very happy to discuss the results of their inspection with our clients, within the context of the survey type you have requested.  

    We recommend that you take time to read the surveyors report carefully, make a written note about anything you wish to discuss about the report and then telephone us on 020 8423 4001.  If your surveyor is out on survey (which surveyors often are) leave a message with one of our friendly team when you are available.

    If you require a discussion of more than 15 minutes or so (or further communications), please let us know so that time can be booked with the surveyor and fees agreed.

  • Can you email me the report?

  • Our building insurance is index linked do we need a valuation for insurance?

  • Do I need an Asbestos Survey and Fire Risk Assessment for my flat?

    Question: I am selling a 2 bed ground floor conversion flat in Hackney, London. Mr buyer’s solicitor says my Freeholder needs to provide a Fire Risk Assessment and Asbestos Management Plan for the building. We don’t have any contact with the building’s Freeholder, so I thought I would arrange these for myself. There is no communal hall. This is bizarre.

  • Can I stop my neighbour building by using the Party Wall Act?

    Question: My neighbour has sent me a notice headed Party Wall etc. Act 1996 section 6, about some building work he is doing. I do not agree with the extension he wants to build, it is ugly and too big for our street. If I dissent from the works, can I stop him building it?
  • Retro fitted Cavity Wall Insulation

    Question: We are considering purchasing a house which has had CWI injected into it. I've read a great deal around it and not much of it is positive! The CWI was installed in 2007 and the exterior and interior walls all seem fine - no cracks, no damp patches, no damp smell, no mould, no ruined paint work etc. House faces east-west and is on an estate, mid terraced, surrounded by trees and is quite low down and sheltered. It is in Cornwall so rain and wind is part and parcel. Whats your opinion of Inj.CWI?
  • Lease Extension Valuation Advice

    Question: How do I find out how much my lease extension is likely to be?  I don’t want to start negotiations if there is no way I can afford it. 
  • Repairs to a house after a car crash

    Question: I'm a first time buyer and have seen a house I really like. However, when doing some research about the house and the area I've discovered that a year ago a drunk driver crashed into the house and the kitchen and bathroom were destroyed. You can't tell by looking at the house that anything happened to it, however I'm concerned that this might cause problems down the road. In your experience is this likely to be the case?
  • Habitable for a mortgage?

    Question: Looking to buy a property which has been extended.Planning permission granted and building control have inspected works at the required times. She has run out of money and is selling In its current condition.The extension is built and windows fitted.There is a bathroom. The property is finished to plastered walls but no internal doors. There is a kitchen room but no kitchen fitted. There is a sink and running water. She has a small plug in oven. Would this class as habitable for Mortgage?

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