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  • Habitable for a mortgage?

    Question: Looking to buy a property which has been extended.Planning permission granted and building control have inspected works at the required times. She has run out of money and is selling In its current condition.The extension is built and windows fitted.There is a bathroom. The property is finished to plastered walls but no internal doors. There is a kitchen room but no kitchen fitted. There is a sink and running water. She has a small plug in oven. Would this class as habitable for Mortgage?

    Answer: Thank you for your query. Each lender will have their own lending criteria and that may also change from product to product, so you should make a direct enquiry to your proposed lender before proceeding with their valuation. The building society valuer may accept that the kitchen is habitable, or suggest a retention sum until certain specified works are undertaken.  The lender’s underwriting department will also consider their risk based on the amount of loan you require against the value of the property.

    Alternatively consult your Independent Financial Adviser for specialist lenders.
    If the building works have not received a certificate of compliance of building regulations (due to lack of specified internal doors) that would be another issue for you to consider.

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