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Located to the north west of London, Chesham lies in the Chess Valley within Buckinghamshire. Settlement of western culture was made in the 10th century eventually seeing rapid growth in the 16th century with demand from London, and again during the Industrial Revolution. Chesham’s main industries developed in the form of agriculture, boot and shoe manufacture, beer brewing, brush making, and more modern substances such as glue. The mass of industry over the years has led to growth in population and housing, the different periods of an industry being reflected through various styles of architecture in the area.

Modern day Chesham has a population of over 20,000 with an integrated pedestrian town centre. Chesham is a modern market town with contemporary amenities such as supermarkets, cafes, and a variety of public buildings and areas. Over time these factors have built a healthy property market with some lovely period feature properties as well as contemporary modern constructions.


Buildings range from Medieval and Tudor to 1960s and present-day constructions using varying building techniques.
The town centre comprises traditional constructions that still retain its old market town atmosphere.

Typical defects affecting properties in Chesham

Wall tie failure
Failed coursing beams
Rotten timbers
Cracking around bay windows
Lead pipework
Ageing electrical services
Poorly replaced roof coverings
Spalling brickwork
Defective windows
Pooling in flat roofs
Structural cracks from extensions and conversions
Chimneys not correctly capped and ventilated
Cruck and box-frame failure
Subsidence from clay soil
Mortar failure

These are but some defects that may be encountered. Surveys from Woodward Chartered Surveyors will provide professional advice to deal with problems you may encounter.

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