Don't let the grass grow

It's that time of year again, the rainy season is upon us and a reminder to make sure you don't let the grass grow .... above your head!  ....read on....

Blocked gutters from leaves, moss and even plants seeded from birds are a constant issue and the results from leaving them unattended can be expensive:

  • Discoloration to your exterior render or brickwork
  • Softening and spalling bricks
  • Cracking to render
  • Damp penetration into your home
  • Rotting woodwork

... to name but a few.  When on Building Surveys Woodward Chartered Surveyors are always on the lookout for those tell-tale signs that a little neglect can lead to more serious problems.

So our advice this time of year is make sure you have your gutters cleaned before the heavy weather comes.  If you can not safely do this yourself, your local window cleaner may offer the service or a professional gutter repair and maintenance contractor; but make sure you find someone by recommendation and never someone who just knocks on your door.

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