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Mould Under Your House? Chartered Surveyor Doug Snell MRICS Investigates

Sporophore mould fungus

On a recent visit to discover why someone's timber floor was beginning to "dip" Chartered Surveyor Douglas Snell found a chain of unhappy events everyone should be wary of.  Read More >> 

Guttering problems in RICS building survey in Watford

Finlock guttering photo 2

Leaking concrete gutter?  Douglas Snell explores the problems with "Finlock" concrete guttering:

Most of us are familiar with the plastic or older iron guttering that edges our roofs to catch the rain and safely divert it into a drain or soak-away.  But unless you have owned a house built between the 1950’s and 1970’s, you may not have come across “Finlock” guttering.... Read More

Condensation: the silent house destroyer

Mould in loft space

Rotten floors, roof joists, window frames and even asthma are some of the extreme results of the silent house destroyer; condensation.