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Guttering problems in RICS building survey in Watford

Finlock guttering photo 2

Leaking concrete gutter?  Douglas Snell explores the problems with "Finlock" concrete guttering:

Most of us are familiar with the plastic or older iron guttering that edges our roofs to catch the rain and safely divert it into a drain or soak-away.  But unless you have owned a house built between the 1950’s and 1970’s, you may not have come across “Finlock” guttering.... Read More

RICS Consumer Guide 1

RICS Chartered Surveyor logo

In a useful new consumer guide the RICS describe how a Chartered Surveyor can help when you buy, live in or sell a home.  A survey by an RICS Member, such as Woodward Chartered Surveyors in Harrow and North West London, is recommended by Which?, The Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Building Societies Association.     Do not just rely on a valuation when buying a property.  A valuation is not a survey  more....

Cracks in walls above windows and lintels

Cracking wall above window

Replacement windows can lead to failings in the wall above (see photo), if they are not properly specified.  But let’s not rush to judge poor double glazing installers too quickly.  In this case, a wooden casement window was replaced by a PVCu double glazed window.  Read on .....