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Experienced Chartered Surveyor Douglas Snell joins the team

Douglas Snell Chartered Surveyor

Rickmansworth Chartered Surveyor Joins the Woodward Team

Hertfordshire based Chartered Surveyor Douglas Snell has joined the 7 Surveyor strong team at Woodward Chartered Surveyors.  Doug will ... .more ...

A typical week in April for Woodward Chartered Surveyors

Diary of Surveyor

A week in the life of a firm of Property Surveyors

What is a week like for the region’s leading firm of residential Chartered Surveyors?

Well, last week was busy as usual for the team at Woodward Chartered Surveyors.

Stephen Cornish FRICS was inspecting flats for Lease Extensions in Stanmore, Harrow Weald, Northwood, had two Party Wall inspections in Northwood and one in ... more .....

Masonry Bee Holes in Structural walls by Harrow Chartered Surveyor

Masonry Bee 1

What (Masonry) Bee Causing Those Holes?

If you have an external wall that is beginning to resemble a block of Swiss Cheese with holes in it, you may have an infestation of Masonry Bees.

In a recent survey of a house in Hertfordshire, Chartered Surveyor Steve Cornish found just that, an external wall with many holes of between 5mm and 10mm in diameter and 15mm to 25mm deep. Another home owner said they had 70 to 80 such holes appear in one elevation. ... more....

Five star ratings February 2014

Five star award icon

Real Homebuyers Give 5 Out Of 5 for Flat or House Purchase Surveys from Woodward Surveyors

These are ALL the UNEDITED feedback responses we received from REAL home buyers for the month 24th Jan 4 to 23rd Feb 14 (our in-house reporting period) using our Flat or House Purchase Survey reports. 

Take a look and see what our House & Flat Purchase Survey customers have to say about our service.

We have only removed the names and addresses.  more .....


Lime concrete dome

The Use of Lime for Lime concrete, Lime render, Lime pointing, Limecrete, Lime wash ....

This month’s Chartered Surveyors meeting at Woodward Chartered Surveyors in Harrow focused on the use of lime as Lime render, Lime pointing, Limecrete, Lime wash, and many other uses.

Kevin Nind of specialist firm London Building Renovation was in the chair and brought samples, examples and a wealth of knowledge in period property renovation and restoration to the meeting.   more....