Ealing Structural Surveys

Ealing Structural Surveys by Woodward Chartered Surveyors

Ealing buildings, whether homes or commercial properties are not always perfect. Buildings can suffer from the effects of damp, infestation of insects and also may be affected by changes in the way we use or have renovated or altered the property.

The fabric of buildings can also wear out over time potentially causing problems that ultimately manifest themselves as cracks, mould, damage to timbers and woodwork etc.

Woodward Chartered Surveyors carry out property surveys in Ealing, including structural surveys on Ealing properties, to investigate ‘settlement' and ‘subsidence' by property owners. These terms are often used to describe what is, in fact, the same problem occurring in buildings, in essence, a wall, house or the soil sinking to a lower than its original level.

Buildings in Ealing, like many areas throughout the south-east of England where property has been constructed on a shrinkable clay sub soil, will need a structural survey to be carried out, and report prepared, to assess the issues, should subsidence or settlement be suspected.

A Woodward Chartered Surveyors Structural Survey in Ealing Includes

Structural surveys in Ealing, A.K.A structural investigations, endeavour to establish the cause of the reported problem, whether it be merely related to weathering and the drying out of building materials or settlement and subsidence.

Following a period of monitoring the building, we are then able to determine whether any movement is progressive or not and recommend the appropriate repairs. In many cases, it is discovered that only relatively minor repairs are necessary, but this can only be determined by an experienced professional.

We will liaise with insurance companies, neighbours and builders, as required. If you have any concerns with your property and require further information on whether or not they are founded, we will be happy to provide a brief initial consultation at low cost.

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If you need more information to help you decide which survey is right for your property then please take a look at our structural survey information videos.