Pinner Lease Extentions and Valuations

Lease Extensions in Pinner by Woodward Chartered Surveyors.

If you are a qualifying leaseholder, with property in Pinner, you will have the right to claim an extension of your existing lease of an additional 90 years at a “peppercorn” rent (effectively rent free).

Your statutory right is contained in the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended), and this legislation sets out the procedures which must be followed by a flat tenant to claim this right.

Here we explain briefly the procedures involved in exercising your statutory right to claim a lease extension.

Qualifying requirements

Briefly, in order to compel a landlord to sell a lease extension, the building in question must be:

  1. A residential structure, not a commercial building.
  2. Outside the precinct of a cathedral.
  3. Not owned by a charitable housing trust, National Trust or the Crown.

And the flat tenant must have:

  1. A lease of more than 21 years when granted.
  2. Owned the lease for at least two years at the time of serving notice.
  3. Not be a business or commercial tenant.


More About Pinner, from Wikipedia.

Demography of Pinner - Pinner is considered to be the wealthy side of the London Borough of Harrow, with wide tree-lined streets, a conservation area, large houses and flat conversions in attractive Edwardian buildings. The information research group Experian describes the demographic as the "Business Class - The dominant type of people living here are business leaders approaching retirement who live in large family homes in the most prestigious residential suburbs."

Pinner also has the lowest crime rate in the whole of London, with several independent schools and single-sex schools with a prestigious reputation, making it a popular area for affluent families.[11]

Pinner is both a religiously and culturally diverse area, with the ethnic minority population having grown significantly since the 1970s.[12] Pinner ward nonetheless has the highest concentration of people describing themselves as White in the London Borough of Harrow, at 62 per cent of the population in 2011. Pinner South ward has the next highest proportion of White people at 59.4 per cent.[13] A local synagogue and various churches serve the religious needs of the local community.

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