Watford Building Survey

Watford Building Surveyors Woodward Chartered Surveyors.

We have completed a large number of building surveys in Watford and many other towns in Hertfordshire, we have a very high customer satisfaction rating from our building survey clients in Watford.

Our building surveys are suitable for most of the properties in Watford, but are particularly suitable for;

  • Listed Buildings in Watford
  • Older Property in Watford
  • Buildings that have been unusually constructed in Watford
  • Watford Renovation Project Properties


Watford Building Survey Testimonial

Type: Building Survey

location: Watford
Name: D. Galloway
Rating: 4 Stars

Notes: A good report with lots of detail - however, I'm always concerned when reports 'recommend' contacting specialists. I would expect it to be clear that something was either good or needed work not 'could' need work. Overall well written and carried out in the time frame quoted. Thank you.

Building surveys examine every accessible area of a property. If you have a particular area of concern within your property please make sure you request that we specifically cover this during the survey and report.

Woodward's building surveyors do not provide a property valuation figure as standard, so please make sure you ask specifically to have a valution included if you need this to be reported on.

Please use the following link if you would like to get a Watford Building Survey Quote from Woodward Chartered Surveyors.

If you need more information to help you decide which survey is right for your property then please take a look at our building survey information videos or call us on 01923 920 950.