Building Condition Surveys & Reports from Woodwards Chartered Surveyors 

A Building Condition Report is used to identify building defects in order that the clients' brief can be developed, for instance planned preventive and corrective repairs. It is usually a stepping stone in the decision process to drawing up a specification of works. It is suited to larger commercial or residential properties.

Planned preventive maintenance is work directed to the prevention of failure of a component or facility. An example would be a blistered felt roof covering, which is not leaking but will fail in the short term. Planned corrective maintenance is defined work performed to restore a component or facility to an acceptable standard. In the flat roof example, the failure would have already occurred and the flat roof be leaking.


Woodward Chartered Surveyors special Building Condition Survey Report

Our unique Building Condition Report, developed for the bursar of a private school with substantial property ownership, uses a “Traffic Light” system to alert the user to those items regarded as “Urgent”, needing action “Soon” or in the “Medium” Term. The items are then listed so that an Urgent item may have a Soon or Medium item placed next to it if there may be a financial benefit to combining the works. An example may be work required to a roof listed as Urgent and, because scaffold is required, an item listed as Medium such as re-pointing the chimney, listed next to it.

The Report only considers matters for the three periods identified as “Urgent”, “Soon” or “Medium” Term and so only reports on items identified by the Surveyor as reasonably requiring significant attention within a 5 year period from the date of inspection. The Surveyor may report beyond this at his discretion, but such does not broaden the scope of this report beyond 5 years or construe the same.

We use colour digital photography and diagrams to explain certain features. As sometimes only technical words will do, we include a Glossary Of Terms in each report.

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