Our Services

Our Services

Different types of property require different types of report. We want to make sure you get the survey that is right for you.

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Our Individual services at a glance...

  • Valuation Reports

    There are many reasons why you may need a formal valuation by a Chartered Surveyor, not just for a mortgage. Valuations are required for lease extension, on death, matrimonial, for charities, tax and a whole range of other purposes.

  • Level 1 Reports

    The RICS Level 1 report

  • House & Flat Purchase Survey Level 2

    A BETTER type of reporting. The House Purchase Survey and Flat Purchase Survey are both RICS Level 2 reports.  They take what we believe to be the best of the old Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Report and updates it with some features from our Building Survey, without losing the Homebuyer value for money price.

  • Building Surveys Level 3

    A comprehensive and more detailed report. Formerly referred to by many as a "Full Structural", the Building Survey is our top RICS Level 3 report.

  • Structural Investigation

    Structural surveys and structural investigations, because buildings do not always function perfectly. During their lifetime the effects of damp, attack from insects and changes in the way we use or have altered the property can create problems.  Materials also wear out over time. Such problems ultimately manifest themselves as cracks in walls, mould growth, collapsing woodwork or the like.

  • Snagging Lists

    A Snagging List is a detailed report of items not finished to an acceptable standard in a total or partial new build.

    We would all like to believe that a new build is perfect, or that a builder will be attentive to problems you find after you have moved in.  But the best way of being sure is raising the points requiring attention BEFORE you complete and hand over all your money.

  • Party Wall Awards

    The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, building on the line of junction and excavations near neighbouring buildings. The Act applies throughout England and Wales and is based on the tried and trusted system which existed in inner London for many years.

  • Lease Extensions

    If you are a qualifying leaseholder, you will have the right to claim an extension of your existing lease of an additional 90 years at a “peppercorn” rent (effectively rent free).

    Your statutory right is contained in the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended) and this legislation sets out the procedures which must be followed by a flat tenant to claim this right. Here we explain briefly the procedures involved in exercising your statutory right to claim a lease extension.

  • Building Condition Reports

    A Building Condition Report is used to identify building defects in order that the clients' brief can be developed, for instance planned preventive and corrective repairs. It is usually a stepping stone in the decision process to drawing up a specification of works. It is suited to larger commercial or residential properties.

  • Dilapidation and Terminal Schedules

    If buying a Commercial Property, you will want a Building Survey. If renting or leasing (either Landlord or Tenant) you will need a Schedule Of Condition and at the end of the lease or tenancy a Schedule Of Dilapidation and Terminal Schedule.

  • Specification of Works & Project Management

    Whether it is repairs to a building, extension or routine maintenance, we will write a detailed specification for the necessary works including types of materials and the manner in which they are to be applied.

  • Space Surveys for UK Visa Application

    Space Surveys are used to support Home Office applications when applying for a visa, or in support of a claim for larger accommodation.   more....