Valuation Reports from Woodward Chartered Surveyors

All Chartered Surveyor's valuations must now be completed by a Registered Valuer.  All our valuation surveyors have achieved Registered status.

If you need a property valuation for any of the following reasons, we are your experts:

  • Bank Valuation: When using property as surety against a bank loan, for instance a mortgage or loan facility for personal or business reasons.
  • Shared Ownership or Shared Equity Scheme Valuation: Often when changes to the ownership or equity are to occur, a Chartered Surveyors expert valuation is used to calculate the share between owner and Shared Equity provider.
  • Probate Valuation: Valuation at the date of death of the property owner, to enable the executors to agree asset values with the District Valuer for tax calculation purposes.
  • Capital Gains Tax Valuation: Required by companies, trusts or individuals when calculating tax liabilities.
  • Matrimonial and Family Court (Expert Witness) Valuation: Required by The Court when calculating individual and family asset values.  Although instructed by either or both parties, the surveyor is required to be an Expert Witness to The Court and comply with certain special requirements.


Other types of Property Valuation Report by Woodward Chartered Surveyor

  • Insurance (re-building cost) Valuation: The cost of building insurance is partly based on the cost of rebuilding the property, not the property's Market Value.  Calculation of this sum is made by reference to special building cost tables and will vary according to location, type of property, condition and many other factors.  Those that want to be sure they are not under insured, particularly commercial property and apartment blocks, undertake regular Re-Valuation to meet best practice guidelines.
  • Leasehold Valuation: The calculation to ascertain the value of a 90 year extension to a lease.  Please see our seperate section on this topic.
  • Enfranchisement Valuation: The calculation to ascertain the value of a freehold or share of a freehold to an existing leaseholder.
  • Portfolio / Investment / Financial Reporting Valuation: Complex valutions for companies and large scale property owners, usually (but not necessarily) with commercial property holdings.
  • Charities Valuation: A valuation to comply with the Charities Act 1993 and 2006 on acquisition or disposal of property requires a very specialist report.  The Trustees must provide this unique type of report.

In each of these cases the valuation technique is different. Guidance and protocol is governed by the RICS "Red Book" that recommends correct procedures for Chartered Surveyors.

  • Drive-By and Desktop Valuations: Happy with a valuation from someone who has never been in the property? Woodward Chartered Surveyors believe these are so inacurate they are not fit for any serious purpose other than for lending institutions who underwrite their own risk (and, lets be honest, the borrower remains fully liable to repay the entire loan anyway).  We do not therefore do drive-by or desktop valuations.

For whatever reason you require a property valuation, phone Woodward Chartered Surveyors for expert advice.