RICS Level 1 reports - the lowest standard of reporting

Woodward Chartered Surveyors do not undertake Level 1 “surveys” and it is important to us to explain to you why. 

We feel Level 1 surveys are too brief in their inspection and vague in their reporting to be of real value to a home buyer investing hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

For example, a Level 1 inspection does not require the surveyor to go into a loft, only report on what they can see from the hatch.  Nor does a Level 1 survey require the surveyor to lift accessible underground drainage covers.  It is a limited inspection.

Woodward Chartered Surveyors are experienced RICS Building Surveyors, trained to a high standard to provide RICS Level 2 and Level 3 surveys. 

When comparing what different RICS companies are offering you, be sure you know which “Level” of survey you are being offered and whether the surveyor is a full Member or Fellow of the RICS as our surveyors are, or a lesser qualified “Associate”.

Our super helpful, trained Customer Team will help you choose what type of survey is right for you and help you through the entire process.